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For centuries, humans have needed ways to measure the passage of time. From the earliest sundials and hourglasses to the most accurate modern atomic clocks, timekeeping is a vital component of an advanced society. Knowing the time allows to make and keep appointments with doctor and dentist, meet friends for lunch or a drink, show up at the airport on time, put our kids to bed on a regular schedule, gather groups together for meetings, worship services, or political rallies. Employers use time clocks to keep track of the hours employees worked.

The modern, digital timepieces may keep extremely accurate time and include a host of extra features, such as alarms, stopwatches, and other functions -- but nothing has the character and sense of history of an antique clock.

In years past, talented and highly skilled clockmakers used a complex assembly of springs, coils and pendulums to fashion clocks and watches that would keep surprisingly accurate time, measuring out the hours, minutes, and seconds with precision.

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